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National Championship 2017

Carlow Regatta, June 2nd 2017

Great Regatta in Carlow, specially Jack Walsh & Daithi O'Regan who came 1st in the J15 Doubles. Click on the image for more pics.

Row & Run Duathlon

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Skibbereen Regatta, 8th April 2017

Our Winning J-16 Quad (click for more pics)

St. Michael's Head of River, March 18th 2017

St Michaels

Our Katie is jubilant after her singles outing (click for more pics)

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thank you very much to all the members that came to the parade today in Tralee. It was great seeing so much enthusiasm despite the rain and wind. Well done all!!

Killorglin Head of the River, March 11th 2017



River Lee, February 11th 2017

Castleconnell, October 29th 2016

Adult Team in Galway, August 28th 2016