Women in Sport Coaches Network Day


Thanks to Tania & Suzi who represented TRC at the Women in Sport Coaches Network Day which took place at the Clayton Hotel in Liffey Valley.

There were just over 100 women who attended the event from all different sports all across the country.

They heard from three incredible speakers on the day as well as a panel discussion from coaches in different sports at all different levels.

The day began with a very inspiring talk from Noelle Morrissey who brought them through her journey to becoming an Olympic and World Champion coach and all about the process, planning & execution of long-term coach-athlete development.

They then heard from Orna Murray who focused more into female physiology and menstruation. Orna is a fountain of knowledge in this area and she brought them all through some practical steps they can take as coaches and as women to break the stigma of periods and practical steps that can be done to support the young women in clubs.

The next session that took place on the day was a panel discussion between 5 coaches from Rowing, Triathlon, Cycling and Athletics. It was incredible to hear from each of these coaches about their different highlights and what it means to them to be a part of their athletes journeys. Clara O’Brien from Rowing Ireland spoke about her journey from a Get Going get Rowing coach to being head coach of UL last year.

Last but certainly not least, they heard from Jackie Newton who spoke about her journey from being an athlete to a coach to a performing manager and now to her current position now as high performance coach development with Sport Ireland.

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